Theirs and her’s, a boon or a curse

All they complained
And cried in vain
When the life's full of
These October rains

The showers untimely
Brought eyes to strain
Followed sorrows and miseries
Yet nothing to gain

And here she smiled
Joyous laughing insane
For the October rains
Caused her no pain

For Life has she seen
And breaths she's gained
She laughed into worries
And danced into pains

Her picture's bright
Dazzled colorful her reign
Queen was she
Flushed sorrows to drain

She kissed the October
She embraced the rains
Swimmed through the floods
Like the all surviving Jane

And then they smiled
And that's how they gained
Her art of loving
The October rains

- Swan

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Swanand Hiwarkhedkar

Swanand Hiwarkhedkar

Writing in a hope, that one day my words will be a MEDIUM for those who can't.